Welcome to FoxR

FoxR is an open-source ActionScript 3 library that provides pre-built visual components and infrastructure so you can get down to working on and maintaining the content for Flash projects faster, easier and most cost efficiently.

FoxR provides Flash Developers with:

  • A Model-View-Controller architecture based on the open source PureMVC framework
  • A pre-built visual architecture to organize and manage visual elements
  • A custom set of lightweight and fully customizable components
  • A streamlined system to manage and publish dynamic content via external CSS StyleSheets, font SWFs and XML copy files
  • A rich set of service adapters to streamline communications with back-end server resources
  • Numerous additional utility classes

But this just barely scratches the surface of what FoxR can do.

Want to know why you need FoxR? Read the project overview to find out.

Learn how to utilize FoxR to build Flash projects faster with our Tutorials.

Browse the API Library to view the code structure.

Download the latest release or view the source archive at the Google Code Repository.